POST BATCH CAF SESSION: Post Batch CAF session Spring 2020 has successfully begun on 21st November 2019. ORIENTATION : Orientation of CFAP session Summer 2020 will be held on 26th December 2019 at 7 pm at Sher Shah Campus. FACULTY: Gurus of each subject are teaching at The-Hisab

Courses Offered


Subjects Faculty Members Fee(Rs.)
CFAP-1 (AAFR) Mr. Yasir Riaz FCA, Mr. Saqib Riaz ACA 28,000
CFAP-2 (C LAW) Mr. Aamir Shahbaz FCA 23,000
CFAP-3 (BMS) Mr. Shakeel Ahmed CFA CMA, Ms. Ateeqa Ahmed MSc PMD, M.PHIL(Scholar) 20,000
CFAP-4 (BFD) Mr. Shakeel Ahmed CFA CMA 23,000
CFAP-5 (A.TAX) Mr. Aamir Shahbaz FCA 20,000
CFAP-6 (AARS) Mr. Nosherwan Khawaja ACA 20,000
MSA-1 (FRAPC) Mr. Saqib Riaz ACA 25,000
MSA-2 (MPC) Mr. Nosherwan Khawaja ACA 25,000